Bits of Tid: December 5, 2007

8,000 Hours Away Edition

  • As of today at 4PM EST, we will have exactly 8,000 hours until Election Day 2008. Polls will open in Michigan starting 8,000 hours from 11 PM.
  • FWIW: If all Hillary can attack Obama for is an essay he wrote in kindergarten, then he must be good.
  • I must say, I'll be more worried about the Dems' White House hopes in 2008 if Mike Huckabee got the nomination than I would be if anyone else got the Repub nod. People in Arkansas like him, and until tonight I hadn't heard much dirt on him. Until I read this.
  • Got gift cards? Use them. You may think I'm telling you something obvious, but lots of them go unused.
  • Is activism an aphrodisiac for you? This online petition will be sent to the Legislature asking for action on legislation that will protect our Great Lakes water. They're aiming for 5,000 signatures.
  • You. Must. Check. Out. Progress Michigan.
  • Sign seen on the door of a study lounge in CMU's Cobb Hall:
    This room is for studying books, not anatomy.
  • I have one more nomination for Lake Superior State's Banished Words List, which I will reveal to you this weekend. Stay tuned!

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