Roosevelt endorses Urbanowski for re-election as Precinct Delegate

Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt has endorsed Democratic Precinct Delegate Scott Urbanowski in his bid for re-election as Democratic precinct delegate for Ward 1, Precinct 3, Kentwood, MI.

“I might have died 62 years ago, but I felt I had to come back to life to support my good friend Scott Urbanowski,” said America’s 32nd President.

“In his 16 months as a Democratic Precinct Delegate, Urbanowski has built a track record of fighting for the values our Party holds dear - or at least should hold dear,” said Roosevelt, 125.

“I would argue that he has done more to help promote the values of this great Party than most of the Democratic leadership in Washington,” said the liberal icon in an apparent swipe at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Franklin D. Roosevelt is one of the most courageous people ever to hold the mantle of leadership of this nation,” said Urbanowski. “The obstacles he faced during his lifetime and his Presidency are an inspiration to us all. I cannot tell you how humbled I am to receive the endorsement of this great American.”

Urbanowski reiterated his commitment to bringing the Democratic Party back to its roots.

“I care so much about this Party that I see no other option than to stand up and work to make it stand for the values it has long cherished,” declared Urbanowski. "The more the Democratic Party stands up for progressive values, the better Democrats do at the polls. And the better the Democrats do, the better this country does."

“I will not let capitulators and cronies in Washington define my Party,” he said defiantly. “Grassroots Democrats must remind DC Democrats that they are not elected to be Republican-lite and give an unpopular President everything he wants.”

Urbanowski said he also wants to improve Democratic performance in his precinct in next November's Presidential election.

"It would only take a couple hundred more votes to swing the Third Precinct toward the Democrats," said Urbanowski.

Urbanowski first came to prominence in 2004 when, two days before the Presidential election, the then-high school senior wrote a letter to the editor that was printed in The Grand Rapids Press.

Since then, he has taken many activist roles, including as a front-pager for Michigan Liberal, membership in the Kent and Isabella County Democratic parties as well as the Michigan Democratic Party, and two Executive Board positions with the College Democrats at Central Michigan University.

In August 2006, he was elected Democratic Precinct Delegate with 53 votes.

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