Rudolph the Brown-Nosed Mayor (and other Christmas hits!)

There were Romney and Huckabee, McCain and Thompson,
Clinton and Edwards, Obama and Biden,
But do you happen to know the most infamous candidate of all?

Rudolph the Brown-Nosed Mayor
Had about a hundred wives
And like some other Repubs,
Corruption was his way of life.
The anti-choicers mocked him,
Used to laugh and call him names,
They wouldn’t let rich Rudolph
Join in any right-wing games.

Then one clear September day,
Fate would come to say,
“Rudy, your life is astray;
Capitalize on this horrific day.”
Then all the media loved him,
Laughed and shouted out with glee - Yippee!
“Rudolph the Brown-Nosed Mayor,
You’ll go down in history.”

O Come All Ye Spineless
O Come All Ye Spineless,
Lacking any backbone,
O come ye, o come ye to Washington.
Come and deplore him,
Born without a brain cell.
O come, let us deplore him,
O come, let us deplore him,
O come, let us deplore him,
George Dubya Bush!

O Little Town of Washington
O little town of Washington, how much we see thee lie!
You've cause so many souls to weep as all the years go by.
The blogosphere you chideth does not think you are bright;
Those rampant cheers of “Four More Years!” are lost on us tonight.

Rowdy Night (Dedicated to Jamie Lynn Spears)
Rowdy Night! Unholy Night!
I’m not calm, you’re not bright.
Surely not a virgin, bearing a child;
Britney, your sister sure is wild.
I just can’t sleep in peace,
I just can’t sleep in peace.

That all but concludes my Christmas present to you. To our conservative friends, I have one more song for you:

Bad tidings to you, if right wing you are;
Bad tidings for Christmas and a Crappy New Year!

We wish you a lousy Christmas,
We wish you a lousy Christmas,
We wish you a lousy Christmas,
And a Crappy New Year!

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