DNC: The failed Republican legacy on immigration

Glad to see the Democratic National Committee speaking the truth when it comes to Republican hypiocrisy on immigration.

Despite having majorities in Congress for twelve years and a President in the White House for the last seven years, Republicans ignored the issues of border security and immigration reform until it became politically convenient. To distract from their failure to address the issues and to distract from their failed economic policies, Republicans turned immigration into a wedge issue for electoral gain that has relied on scapegoating people and dividing Americans.

From border walls that were never funded to trying to criminalize immigrants, their families, and even clergy, the Republican legacy on border security and immigration reform amounts to failure and scapegoating.

There's a lot of useful information on that page.

Next time you hear a Republican talk about immigration reform, ask them why their party sat on its hands and did nothing while they had the chance to fix our borders.

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