BREAKING: Urbanowski to run for re-election as Precinct Delegate

Contact: Swifty Urbanowski, Director, Canines for Urbanowski, (616) 555-WALK

KENTWOOD - Michigan Democratic Party member, Kent County Democratic Party member, Isabella County Democratic Party member, five-time voter, owner of the Eye on Ehlers and Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott blogs, contributor to the Michigan Liberal, Daily Kos, Street Prophets, Swing State Project, Blue Chips, and ICDP Dispatch blogs, author of numerous letters to the editor, LaGrand for City Commission volunteer, Central Michigan University junior, former CMU Student Government Association Senator, former CMU College Democrats Communications Director, 2005 East Kentwood High School alumnus, 2004 EKHS Quiz Bowl MVP, alumnus of the EKHS Marching and Jazz Bands and American Political Thought team, late-night TV addict, game-show fan, Wait, Wait... Don’t Tell Me! listener, and all-around funny and arguably mildly attractive guy Scott Urbanowski announced Wednesday that he would seek re-election as a Democratic Precinct Delegate for Ward 1, Precinct 3, City of Kentwood, County of Kent, State of Michigan, United States of America, Western Hemisphere, Northern Hemisphere, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, in the August 5, 2008, primary election.

Urbanowski made the decision on the first anniversary of his election as Precinct Delegate, one day after voting in Tuesday’s primary election.

"People are hungry for change at all levels," said Urbanowski. "For proof of this, one need look not only at the fact that Democrats not only won control of both houses of Congress and the Michigan House, but also the two seats Democrats picked up on the Kent County Commission."

"West Michigan is a Republican stronghold, but Democrats are making gains here," noted Urbanowski, who serves a precinct in which Governor Jennifer Granholm received 44% of the vote in 2006, just four years after receiving 38% in her first election for Governor and two years after John Kerry received 39% in his bid for the White House.

"When it comes down to it, the saying ‘all politics is local’ is true," said Urbanowski. "Helping not only our Presidential ticket, but all Democrats up and down the ballot - from Congress to county office - will be my top priority in my second term."

Urbanowski first filed to become a precinct delegate at 2:45 PM on May 16, 2006, just 75 minutes before the filing deadline. He was one of three Democrats elected Precinct Delegate for his precinct in the August 8, 2006, election.

The same week he filed to become a precinct delegate, Urbanowski also became a member of the Michigan Democratic Party; those two events culminated a three-month period in which, among other things, Urbanowski voted for the first time, was elected to CMU’s Student Government Senate, and was elected Communications Director of CMU’s College Democrats.

He has since become active in the Democratic Party in other ways. He volunteered with the ICDP and KCDP in last year's election campaign. He has been active with the MDP Youth Caucus and has also been a proponent of the Michigan Blue Tiger Democrats.

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Laura said...

You got my vote! Or at least you would if I was registered in your precinct.