Bits of Tid: August 18, 2007

Three Times in One Week Edition

  • Long story here, but no WeekEnder this weekend. Perhaps I'll try to make up for it with a two-parter next weekend; don't hold your breath, though, because like I said, I move back up to Mount Pleasant and it may be quite a busy weekend.

  • Just a reminder: Be sure to check out Coffee Talk om Michigan Liberal each day; I post each Saturday's Coffee Talk abd will also be subbing for LiberalLucy this coming Tuesday. Check it out!

  • This almost flew under my radar: House Democrats passed some important energy legislation just before summer break:

    The bill includes the Udall Renewable Energy Sources Amendment, which requires utilities to produce 15 percent of their electricity from clean and renewable sources like wind and solar by 2020.

    Other highlights include making the federal government carbon neutral by 2050, creating "green collar" jobs in solar panel manufacturing and green construction, investing in biofuels, and paying for green initiatives by repealing $16 billion in tax breaks for oil and gas companies.

    Sounds good, although I don't see why they have to wait 43 years to go carbon-neutral.

  • Barack Obama won't be participating in as many debates. His campaign manager explains:

    Unfortunately, we simply cannot run the kind of campaign we want and need to, engaging with voters in the early states and February 5 states, if our schedule is dictated by dozens of forums and debates. Ultimately, the one group left out of the current schedule is the voters and they are the ones who ask the toughest questions and most deserve to have those questions answered face to face.
  • This week's Democratic Radio Address was given by, of all people, a waitress. She discussed the impact of the recent increase of the minimum wage.

  • It looks like Michael Bloomberg won't run after all.

  • Don't think I've forgotten about LSSU's Banished Words List. I still have plenty of suggestions in my noggin. My latest:

    Pro-life - This is one of many code words politicians use to make themselves or policies they support look good. Most people who call themselves ‘pro-life’ aren't quite as ‘pro-life’ on some issues as they are on others.

    Don't forget to submit your picks for the 2008 list.

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