Election Redux

First the bad news: Grand Rapids Community College's second attempt at a millage failed by 361 votes.

As the numbers started rolling in, I figured that it would be likely be another nailbiter; around 10:00, most of the precincts outside of Grand Rapids had reported, and I figured that the 6,000-vote margin would close when Grand Rapids came in with its numbers. Well, it did.... but not enough.

So is the GRCC millage hike just not meant to be? For now, it seems, yes. It would be nonsense for GRCC to come back a third time in November, and every indication from GRCC President Juan Olivarez's brief interview with 24 Hour News 8 is that it won't come back in the near future. But he didn't rule it out for later on. (Prediction: Look for it next May.)

Now for some better news: Congratulations to Mayor George Heartwell on his re-election. I don't know if I would have voted for him; he hasn't been perfect. But I wish him well.

I also congratulate Walt Gutowski on his election to the Grand Rapids City Commission and wish him well; I can't say I expected him (or anyone) to get 50% or more in that race! If circumstances permit, I will likely volunteer once again for David LaGrand's campaign in the fall; look for a nailbiter between him and Ruth Kelly.

Complete Kent County results can be found here.

I willl also be pulling for Dayne Walling for Mayor of Flint. Don Williamson is, let's just put it this way, a conservative. We'll see if Williamson's getting less than a third of the vote as the incumbent is a sign of weakness on his part.

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