Bits of Tid: August 25, 2007

The Big Move Edition

  • It's been a few days! I moved back to CMU on Thursday, and yesterday I had a retreat for church and a College Democrats Executive Board meeting. Tomorrow is MainStage, which is the big recruitment event for CMU student organizations.
  • As for the WeekEnder: Again, it's been another busy weekend. So rather than post the WeekEnder all in one post, I will post items from each segment of the WeekEnder over the course of the next week or so. Meanwhile, don't forget to check out Coffee Talk on MichLib!
  • Sen. Obama got a 'Zbig' endorsement. If Obama was really as naive as some of his critics suggest, I don't think we could expect to see Brzezinski endorse him.
  • Florida is very close to losing its DNC delegates. Could Michigan be close behind if our primary is moved to January 15?
  • Has Fred Thompson been a bad boy?
  • Daily Kos has an article about two key races for Congress in Michigan.
  • Pete Hoekstra says its time for Bush to give up on creating a democracy in Iraq.

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