Bits of Tid: August 13, 2007

It's Gettin' Hot In Here Edition

  • Get your Iowa Republican straw poll results here. Romney couldn't even take 2% of the vote against second-tier candidates (Thompson, McCain, and Giuliani opted not to participate). But what I find really interesting is that results of the straw poll were delayed.... by voting-machine issues!
  • The saddest part of the aftermath of the straw poll: Tommy Thompson is out of the race. (Sarcastic sobbing)
  • Rudy Giuliani's daughter seems to be supporting Barack Obama - and, as it turns out, so are a number of Iowa Republicans.
  • Anyone for a Keyes Presidency? (This is the guy who got annihilated in the 2004 Illinois US Senate race by some guy named Barack Obama.)
  • Have Oklahomans had "Inhofe" of one of their US Senators? What about Texans? Idahoans? (More on US Senate races soon.) I guess we'll find out in 450 days; it probably won't be quite that long until Kentucky gets a new Governor.
  • "No one has worked harder on" emergency communications issues than Debbie Stabenow, says Harry Reid.
  • West Michigan is receiving just shy of $350,000 for anti-gang programs, while Detroit will see a similar amount for crime control and prevention.

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