Bits of Tid: August 16, 2007

Hello/Goodbye Edition

Goodbye Karl Rove, but don't think for a moment that Conyers and Leahy are done with you just because you're resigning.

Goodbye Dennis Hastert, Deborah Pryce, and Chip Pickering. You're leaving Congress next year. Don't let the door hit you on the way out; as one Kos commenter said, it's be pretty hard for the door not to hit Hastert!

Goodbye Tommy Thompson; Kos’s Trapper John pays tribute to you in the form of a parody called "O Tommy Boy."

Goodbye common sense priorities in the media. Which is the bigger story to you - Edwards’s hair, or Giuliani claiming he was a 9/11 worker? Most pundits probably disagree.

Hello Al Gore? Hello? If you were in the race, 36% of Michigan Democrats would pick you as their top choice for President. Republicans’ top pick: Nope, not George Romney’s son, but Fred Thompson.

Hello Michigan jobs. Or so I hope. Democrats in Lansing want to encourage more firms to "Hire Michigan First."

Goodbye Jennifer Granholm. Best wishes on your trip to Sweden, where you hope to attract businesses to follow you home.

Goodbye single life, says Jenna Bush. Best wishes to both Jenna and her fiance. I must say I feel sorry for him; While most people can't stand their in-laws, I bet none of your in-laws have started unnecessary wars.

Hello CMU! In one week I'll be heading back to the Mounty for my junior (!) year in college. I may or may not blog much during ther semester, but we shall see..........

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