Saturday Coffee Talk/Open Thread for Michigan Liberal

Happy weekend everyone!


  • WMU Dems: The Draft? Gen. Douglas Lute says the option of the draft is on the table.
  • MDP: Walberg Brings Controversial House Republican leader for Fundraiser. Since when do 'Walberg' and 'controversial' fit in the same sentence?
  • GR Press: Anti-war campaign in town to work on Ehlers. They're trying to get Rep. Vern Ehlers to vote against Iraq War spending.


  • Blogging For Michigan: And here come the editorial pages... Well Senator Bishop, now do you wish you had blocked BFM?
  • Blogging for Michigan: Sen. Hunter to Senate Republicans: Support must come soon. Here's the latest in Senate Democrats' articles on the issues Michigan faces that Senate Republicans are ignoring.
  • Houghton Mining Journal: Governor declares state of emergency with fire. Let's hope this doesn't get too much worse.
  • Senate Dems: Renewable and Alternative Fuels -- Not just the right thing, but the SMART thing. And the economically sound thing.
  • AP: Appeals Court judge worries Supreme Court may be seen as partisan. Really? This Michigan Supreme Court? Riiiiight.
  • GR Press: State wants your help in creating 2008 map. MDOT officials want your input on what should and shouldn’t be included in the 2008 map.


  • Kalamazoo Gazette: Sturgis rebuffs English-only petition. War? Messed-up economy? Environmental policies out of whack? Fuhgeddaboudit, we have a more pressing concern: People not speaking English! Oh please.
  • Adrian Daily Telegram: Solar, wind, and biomass energy proposed for county buildings. They say it should pay for itself within a few years - monetarily and environmentally.


  • Stone Soup Musings: It’s time to redefine compassion. What hath 'compassionate' conservatism wrought? Kathy quotes a list from Mother Jones.

So what's on your radar this weekend?

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