Bits of Tid: February 13, 2008

Valentine's Eve Edition

  • Well, how do you like the new design? I tried to fiddle with the HTML a little bit to get the CBS delegate widget to fit entirely within the sidebar, but that wouldn't work. But while it won't all fit, you can still see the meat and potatoes of it.
  • Seven years ago tonight my maternal grandmother passed away at age 84. One week ago today my paternal grandmother turned 84 years young. I wrote about both of them one year ago. Grandma's health hasn't changed that much; I must admit I'm pleasantly surprised she made it this long after Grandpa's death in 2004.
  • Got anything planned for this Saturday? How about attending Activate08 in Lansing? Free food and admission, and Jennifer Granholm will be there. Registration deadline is tomorrow! And when you're done registering for that, sign up for the 2008 Michigan Policy Summit, which will be held May 10!
  • Welcome back writers!
  • Curious as to how many votes each candidate has received in each of the primaries and caucuses to date? Find out here.
  • Tomorrow I will post my MFCD agenda/platform/plan/vision/whatever-you-wanna-call-it.
  • I have submitted my first pick for Lake Superior State University's 2009 Banished Word List:
    Super Tuesday - Is that the best term they could come up with to describe the day with many Presidential primaries and caucuses?

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