I am running for President of the Michigan Federation of College Democrats

I am pleased to inform you that I am running for President of the Michigan Federation of College Democrats.

Among other things, a group like MFCD ought to serve as a medium for collaboration amongst chapters and as a forum for ideas from College Democrats across the state.

MFCD must also support College Democrats chapters across the state in their efforts to engage students on their campuses, as well as provide information on internships, events, and other opportunities for interested students.

Unfortunately, MFCD has simply not been effective in recent years. I have heard people say that communication amongst MFCD officers, much less between the MFCD board and chapters, has been mediocre at best. Because of this, MFCD is in a rut; it is not helping chapters or connecting College Democrats with opportunities to get involved.

We cannot accept this status quo, especially with a critical election coming this November.

MFCD desperately needs leadership dedicated to not only solving its problems, but making sure College Democrats across the state are armed with the tools to do the hard work that needs to be done if our classmates, roommates, and friends are to support Democratic candidates and policies.

Which is why I am running for President of MFCD. We cannot simply wait for the right leadership to come along and do what needs to be done to make MFCD effective. We need to act now if we want MFCD to become a functioning organization that will help to shape the future of our communities, state, and country.

I am ready to take MFCD in a new direction. I am ready for MFCD to have an impact on our Party and our campuses. Join me, and let’s make MFCD effective.

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