How Republicans prove their (lack of) patriotism

Here's a snark piece from Daily Kos:

1. Being accused of sexual misconduct (so long as you are a Republican) and criticizing others of sexual misconduct (so long as you are a Republican and the "others" are Democrats).

2. Avoiding military service.

3. Campaigning for your father when he is running for President. Like Mitt Romney said, his sons are fighting the War in Iraq and fighting terrorists by helping Willard try to become President. What could be more patriotic than that?

4. Blindly supporting a war that has made America weaker and more vulnerable, killed thousands of Americans, destroyed hundreds of thousands of American lives and killed tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis.

5. Attacking the miltary service of Americans if those Americans have the gall to run for political office as a Democrat.

6. Helping rich people get richer.

7. Talking about Jesus but failing to follow his examples.

8. Divorcing your wife and marrying your girlfriend shortly thereafter. Did you hear that Mr. McCain and Mr. Gingrich?

9. Hating brown, black, olive and other "different" people--except for those "different" individuals who actually embrace everything Republican including the self-hatred of "different" people. Did you hear that Michelle Malkin? (Qualifier: the aforementioned exception does not apply to gay people. Gays are simply too different to be included with the other "different" people above. I mean, even the "different" people do not deserve to be lumped in with the gays.)

10. Always trusting government officials in everything they do (so long as those officials are Republicans) and never trusting government officials in anything they do (so long as those officials are Democrats).

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