How we will make MFCD effective

My plan for the Michigan Federation of College Democrats involves three key areas: Improving communication amongst College Democrats; voter registration, education, and turnout in the November election; and student activism beyond the November election.

-Substantially increase MFCD's online presence through a website, YouTube, etc. This will help boost visibility - which is important in an election year. The North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee Federations of College Democrats have good, resourceful websites, and so can MFCD.
-Establish an MFCD listserv and Gmail account. This basic step will help ensure that the lines of communication between MFCD leadership and rank-and-file College Democrats across Michigan are open.
-Connect College Democrats to campaign volunteer opportunities, events, internships, and other opportunities. Democratic candidates, politicians, and organizations across the state are in need of help from students, especially in this election year. These opportunities offer excellent chances to build political experience and foster progressive leadership. MFCD needs to make it easier
-Invite one person from each chapter to serve as a nonvoting member of the Executive Board. We at CMU have felt ignored by MFCD. We have found it difficult to provide input or to get in touch with them. To ensure that all chapters have a seat at the table, I will invite each chapter to choose someone to represent them on the MFCD Executive Board. They will not be able to vote unless we change the Constitution; however, they can still provide valuable input that can steer MFCD in a positive direction.
-Maintain contact with College Democrats from across the nation. As President I will actively seek out good ideas from across the state and nation so we can determine whether or not to try them in Michigan. We can also share our ideas with other College Democrats across the US.

-Ensure that each chapter has strong voter-registration and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts. This election year, chapters should focus on registering as many students to vote as possible students and get them to vote. We must also teach students how to go about registering and voting, especially given the Rogers Law and its restrictions on students' right to vote. As MFCD President I will make every effort to ensure each chapter is in a strong position to do both.
-Inform students on where the parties and candidates stand on key issues. Being an informed citizen means you know where candidates stand on important issues before you vote. With the false propaganda the Republicans are sure to throw at Democrats this fall, Democrats - including College Democrats - must be ready to counter these lies. Chapters should be armed with the information needed to educate students on where each party and candidate stands on issues important to students.
-Help educate students on the importance of down-the-ballot races and proposals. Most students who pick up a ballot intending only to vote for President. They are baffled by the wide range of offices and proposals on the ballot. Yet these are also important. At CMU in 2006 I created a flyer called "So What Is A Probate Judge Anyway?" which sought to explain each office on the ballot, as well as each statewide ballot proposal, so students have a better understanding of what they see on their ballot.

-Connect students to service projects put on by the Blue Tiger Democrats and other Democratic/progressive organizations. People want action, not just talk. That's why it's important for Democrats to show that we are serious about improving campuses and communities. MFCD ought to connect College Democrats with projects that the Blue Tiger Democrats and local Democrats are putting on in their communities.
-Promote the use of free media (i.e. letters to the editor, radio and TV call-ins) both on and off campus. Many newspapers are getting few letters to the editor. Many TV and radio programs allow viewers/listeners to call or email them with their thoughts on the issues of the day. Students - especially Democrats - ought to know how to get their views heard.
-Enable students to easily and effectively share their views with elected officials. If elected officials are going to heed our wishes, they need to hear from us. College is an excellent opportunity to show students how to effectively communicate with their lawmakers.

Feel free to offer any ideas for for what else you would like to see MFCD do under my leadership.

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