Bits of Tid: May 23, 2008

  • Boy, did it feel good to get that rant about Hillary's latest comments off my chest.
  • I've updated my post from earlier this week. Obama has gained a couple more superdelegates as well as two more of Edwards's pledged delegates.
  • One of the new supers for Obama is Rep. Dennis Cardoza (CA), who switched from Clinton to Obama. It looks like he may be the first of several Clinton delegates to switch to Obama. Not to count unhatched chickens, but this can only make an Obama nomination more of a sure thing!
  • Clinton is trying to get superdelegates to believe that she is more electable than Obama. But recent polls show that, as Obama is seen by more and more people as the presumptive Democratic nominee, he is beating McCain in several swing states, including some Bush won.
    There goes another Clinton talking point. Going off the Pollster.com averages, Obama currently wins 283-255, losing the Kerry states of Michigan and New Hampshire, and winning the Bush states of Iowa, Indiana, New Mexico, Colorado, and Ohio. If you give him a tiny 3-point "primary boost", he picks up Virginia and Michigan, for a 313-225 lead.
  • So whom should Barack select as his running mate for Vice President? I'll offer up some thoughts next week.
  • Check out Daily Kos tomorrow evening around 7PM, when I'll be hosting this week's edition of WYFP? (What's Your F****** Problem?) The Michigan Primary situation will be involved!
  • I haven't done this in a while, but here's anothe rpoick for the LSSU Banished Words List:
    Totally free - As opposed to 'somewhat free?' Something is either free or it's not.
  • Today is Graduation Day at my alma mater, East Kentwood High School. Wow: Those who were freshmen when I was a senior have reached the Big Moment! Speaking of which, earlier today we received an invite for my cousin's graduation open house in metro Detroit. I remember when she was celebrating her first birthday in her high chair, her hands covered in chocolate as the family sang. Wow, I'm feeling old.

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