A few moments

From Lexington to Fallujah, millions of Americans have bravely stood up to defend our country from tyranny and oppression, protecting America, her citizens, and her land

I hope you take just a few moments out of your day to consider the sacrifices these young men and women have made through more than 230 years.

As the freedoms they have so courageously defended come under increasing attack from both outside and within our nation, let us ever be mindful of their bravery, their sacrifices, and their love of country over self.

On this Memorial Day, I extend my profound gratitude to those who are serving our country in uniform, especially those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I also extend them to our veterans, especially those who still deal with the physical and emotional scars of combat.

Furthermore, let us keep the families and friends of our service personnel in our thoughts and prayers. They too make sacrifices beyond what most of us can imagine.

But most of all, to those who have given up their tomorrows so that we may live ours in freedom...

May they rest in peace.

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