Bits of Tid: May 15, 2009

  • I don't think the Obama Administration should oppose the release of torture photos. I'd understand if releasing said photos would cause a backlash, but I just don't see how releasing more such photos would cause a backlash when some have already been released.
  • Speaking of torture, did WE commit torture, as many suggest, or did certain members of the Bush Administration commit torture? Here's something I found regarding controversies surrounding the concept of collective responsibility that may explain why I don't think we should be blamed:
    The first controversy focuses on the relationship between collective responsibility, on the one hand, and the values of individual liberty, justice, and non-suffering, on the other. How, participants in this controversy ask, can we ascribe moral responsibility to groups in society for harms that only a few of its members directly caused without eroding individual responsibility or violating principles of individual freedom? How can we ascribe collective responsibility in such cases without treating those individuals who did not directly cause harm unjustly?
    Of course, that's different from the notion of civic responsibility, which says that as Americans we each must do our part to fight for what's right, including voting, speaking out, and the like.
  • Here's a twist on eco-activism.
  • Suddenly the diploma I got four years ago seems less prestigious.
  • The line from Obama near the top of this blog is from his commencement address at Arizona State.
  • Michigan First Gentleman and leadership enthusiast Dan Mulhern has a new page on Facebook.
  • I am working on getting another blog going. Of course, GLGTGS will still be here to infotain you. Stay tuned!

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