Support the Democrats at Liberty University

You may know that administrators at Liberty University are no longer recognizing the school's Democratic group. They are banishing them from the campus, prohibiting them from even meeting on campus or else face a reprimand! According to administrators, this is because "[t]he Democratic Party platform is contrary to... Christian doctrine."

This could hardly be more false! Our stances as a Party are very consistent not only with Christianity, but also with the many other faiths we as Faith Caucus members - and we as Americans - hold. My Christian faith is no small reason why I'm a die-hard Democrat!

Here are two things you can do to demonstrate your support for the Democrats at Liberty University. First, sign this petition from the Young Democrats of America in support of the Liberty University Dems. Second, if you have a few dollars, consider donating to the CDA Alumni Association's We Will Not Back Down page on ActBlue, which was established in honor of the Liberty University Democrats.

As the ActBlue page states, "The administrators at Liberty University need to know that attacking our freedom of expression will only strengthen College Democrats nationwide."

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