Bits of Tid: May 22, 2009

  • Hey, traditional media, it's me, Scott. How's it going? Good? Alright. I just thought I'd remind you of something: DICK CHENEY IS NO LONGER VICE PRESIDENT!!!!! Got that? Alrighty. See you later.
  • In case you're wondering, while the President gave a major national-security speech and signed two pieces of legislation this week, Biden has been touring the Balkans.
  • You probably know that the White House has a YouTube channel. So does the US Government as a whole. Talk about bringing government to the people!
  • I strongly encourage you to chip in a few bucks for the Michigan Democratic Party Youth Caucus and College Democrats of America. The stronger we can keep the youth movement, the better - and let's be honest, money helps!
  • After that, do yourself a couple of favors by visiting 43things.com (which revolves around setting goals for your life) and futureme.org (wherein you can write letters to your future self that will actually be emailed to you on the day you choose).
  • The Tigers' magic number is 120 after they completed their second straight series sweep. Can they keep up the mo' against the Rockies, who are last in their division? And can the Wings do their own sweep?
  • Sheesh. It's already graduation time for East Kentwood!

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