Michigan Senate GOP leader condones mob violence

Eric at Michigan Liberal informs us about a rather telling interview with Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop.

"I would suggest that everybody go back and read the Declaration of Independence," Bishop told Frank Beckmann this morning on WJR AM-760 in Detroit. "The kind of reaction that you're getting from the public out there was envisioned by our forefathers. And it's our responsibility to let the public know and to let our elected officials know how we feel about things."

The Declaration of Independence, of course, asserted U.S. independence from the British government. While Bishop didn't go so far as to endorse overthrowing the current administration, he said it is testing the limits of power envisioned by our founders.

He goes on:

While Bishop took exception to the "angry mob" characterization, he did say such a scene could replicate itself if Governor Granholm moves forward with a proposal she's floated in closed-door sessions to increase taxes on beer, cigarettes and soda pop.


"If she's going to rely on a proposal that includes tax increases she needs to let the public know that so that we can speak out, and if we turn into an 'angry mob,' so be it.

That's right. Mike Bishop - who wants to be Michigan's top law enforcement official next year - is suggesting that this mob violence "was envisioned by our forefathers."

This kind of violence has been condoned and carried out by many people, but what's different this time is that the person condoning this behavior sets policy in the Senate. Under his 'leadership' of the State Senate, important legislation that would help our state has stalled, even while Michigan lawmakers are paid some of the highest legislative salaries in the nation.

As one commenter on Michigan Liberal asked:

Where in the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, or anywhere in our Constitution does it say mob rule is among our democratic priniciples? Indeed, it seems I remember something about the Supreme Court saying that with rights come responsibilities.

The First Amendment allow us to "assemble peaceably" - keyword: PEACEABLY - but I cannot find any justification from the Founding Fathers for the kind of mob violence which Mike Bishop condones.

It also reminds us that the mob 'demonstrators' do not have anything valuable to add to the healthcare debate. Their concerns are not legitimate - it is because of this that they are acting up. The more violent they act, the more they prove that they do not have a valid point to make.

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