Saturday Coffee Talk/Open Thread for Michigan Liberal

But why just have coffee, when you can have cupcakes too?

With a hat tip to Democratic Underground

  • Detroit Free Press: UAW, Chrysler kick off talks.
  • Detroit Free Press: GM’s global sales soar. If it's good news for GM, it's good news for Michigan.
  • Mining Journal: Northern Michigan University hikes tuition 9.5 percent. Senator Bishop, care to comment? (Cricket, cricket...)
  • Michigan Prospect: Fiscal Notes discusses why we need to invest in our infrastructure if Michigan is to recover soon.
  • Vote No On JOE: Knollenberg leads the pack in pork barrel spending. Hey Drolet, why don't you take that pig to Knollenberg's office?
  • Walberg Watch: Grumpy Tim Walberg has the latest antics from Michigan's biggest embarassment.

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