Saturday Coffee Talk/Open Thread for Michigan Liberal

(I'm going to be doing this every Saturday from now on!)

We have a beautiful Saturday on tap - perfect for celebrating half a century of Michigan's best-known landmark:

  • WKAR: Governor Celebrates Mackinac Bridge in Radio Address. "She says the bridge serves as an example of how government spending can help the state’s economy." Need I say more?
  • Petoskey News-Review: Mackinac Bridge 50th has the goods on when the bridge will be closed for the parade and, later, the fireworks.
  • Jack Lessenberry: The Mighty Mac. Jack toasts fifty years of the Bridge of Steel that unites the two most beautiful peninsulas in the world.
Meanwhile, the US House passed two pieces of legislation that are of particular important to Michigan:

  • Michigan Radio: Michigan May Benefit from Homeland Security Bill. Update: The House passed it overwhelmingly, Pete Hoekstra being the lone 'no' vote from Michigan.
  • WKAR: US House Passes Farm Bill. One provision of the bill would help Michigan farmers to the tune of $265 million over five years. Find out if your congressman voted to strengthen Michigan's economy. (BTW: Here's a hilarious diary about the farm bill at Daily Kos.)
  • LSJ: Actions Speak Louder than Words. Listen up, Walberg: "As one of my political journalism mentors once said, 'When in doubt, look at the votes.' It's as simple as that."
...while times are tough for two prominent Republicans:

  • Mount Pleasant Morning Sun: Eric goes to town regarding Clifford Taylor.
  • Freep: State law commission investigates Gorcyca. A rising star in the Republican party being investigated? Right, Scotty, like that ever happens! {/snark} (Gorcyca is Oakland County's Prosecutor.
Perhaps Taylor and Gorcyca need an education in common sense. And speaking of education:

  • Detroit News: Iris Salters (MEA): Reasing ensures success. As an educator, Salters ought to know a thing or two about the importance of reading with respect to childhood development. It should be noted, BTW, that Salters was an MDP Officer-At-Large (and perhaps still is, although I don't know for sure).
  • AP: President Bush to honor University of Michigan math professor. Insert joke here.
What's on your mind this weekend?

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