Bits of Tid: January 24, 2009

It Still Doesn't Seem Real Edition

  • Obama's President. Nope, it still hasn't hit me.
  • Headline from the Politico: Obama to GOP: 'I won'.
  • Both houses of Congress have passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which is expected to be signed into law by President Obama soon after the differenced between the House and Senate versions are reconciled.
  • Peter Luke offers a way to save Michigan money. Also from Peter Luke, Obama's stimulus plan may keep the state from having to make even more unpopular cuts.
  • I'm getting the feeling that the Repubs just don't want to win anymore.

    And the Lions are going to win the Super Bowl.

  • PunditKitchen.com
  • If you were First Lady (or First Gentleman) of the United States, what issues would you champion? Laura Bush championed literacy; Hillary Clinton, healthcare reform; and Betty Ford, mental health. I would probably champion cancer research and an end to sexual aggression.

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