The fruits of our campaign labor

Want to know why I'm a Democrat? Want to know why I made hundreds of calls and entered goodness-knows-how-much data into VoteBuilder in addition to coordinating our presence in the July 4 Parade? Maybe this will give you an idea.
Barack Obama today signed the first bill of his presidency, a piece of legislation known as the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act that makes it easier for workers to sue after discovering what they believe to be pay discrimination. 

In signing the bill, Mr. Obama said that it sends the message "that there are no second class citizens in our workplaces, and that it’s not just unfair and illegal, it's bad for business to pay someone less because of their gender or their age or their race or their ethnicity, religion or disability."
Such is the crux of my support for the Party of Jefferson and Jackson. For as long as I can remember, the Democratic Party has stood for fairness and equality for everyone, regardless of race, gender, physical or mental handicap, etc. We are all human beings, and it's the Democrats who have led the efforts to truly bring about 'liberty and justice for all' in this country. It means so much to see that our new Democratic President and Congress are doing their part to advance the cause of equality for all Americans.

We all know that this does not mean women will automatically get paid the same wage as men for doing the same thing as men. True equality amongst all people has not been achieved and will not be achieved for a long time, if it ever is.

HOWEVER, the inauguration of Barack Obama as our 44th President - and today's signing of the Ledbetter Act - are both great milestones in the right direction, and we can be proud of both. So, let us commit to keeping that momentum going!

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