Today we commemorate the 80th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (which was actually last week), one day before we witness the inauguration of our 44th President. The ties between King's birthday and Obama's inauguration are so significant that it is almost impossible to ignore them. I have compiled a variety of videos from YouTube to help celebrate both.

Let us start with Dr. King's most famous speech.

Like Dr. King and the many others who fought to expand and protect freedom in this beloved country, Obama and his supporters were motivated by a belief that things did not have to be the way they were - that we could do better. More than a mere slogan, Yes We Can has become a mantra for people well beyond the campaign.

And of course, that hard work paid off.

Oh, the excitement that generated! This was near Grant Park in Chicago, and though the melody wasn't entirely correct, he still did a great job conveying the excitement!

Our 44th President addressed the nation whose mantle of leadership he is now prepared to accept. He has constantly stressed that he will not merely be the leader of those who supported him, but of everyone in this land.

Both of my grandfathers served in World War II, Grandma was an Army nurse, and Dad was in the Reserves. My family and I vote in every election we can, from President to School Board. We love this beautiful nation and cherish the renewal of its promise.

It's out with the old and in with the new! On Friday the Late Show with David Letterman aired the finale of Great Moments in Presidential Speeches, looking back at some of the many verbal flip-ups of the outgoing Bumbler-in-Chief!

On a less funny but more uplifting note, let's celebrate the dawning of a new day for our country with It's a New Day by will.i.am, followed by You Are the New Day, sung by the King's Singers. My high school's choir sang the latter at my graduation in 2005.

Never officially our national anthem, Hail Columbia was widely regarded as such for many years. Today it serves as the Vice President's March.

Obama comes into the White House as the 44th member of the most exclusive club in the world (with apologies to the US Senate). This video notes his place in the line and has a wonderful ending!

It is my hope that kids everywhere will be able to look up to our new President as a superb role model.

And may he be an inspiration to us all, raising us up to new heights as a nation.

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