Bits of Tid: January 8, 2009

"Behold, All Things Have Become New" Edition

  • John Cherry is running for Governor! Other fine Dems may also enter the race, and so I am not willing to say at this point that I endorse Cherry. However, I very much like what Cherry has done for our state.
  • Meet Nancy Killefer, the first CPO of the United States. (That's Chief Performance Officer. :-) )
  • When you're done meeting her, I'd like you to meet Chief Justice Kelly and Justice Hathaway.
  • So they're raising hay about Attorney General-designate Eric Holder. You know what? Leahy's right. He'll be confirmed easily. I mean, the new President's got more Senators of his party than Bush did in 2001, when Ashcroft was confirmed 58-42.
  • Any Republicans who oppose helping auto workers but support this proposed porn industry bailout can expect to hear an earful from me.
  • I'm using 43things.com to help me keep track of my New Year's Resolutions and other things I want to do during my life. Highly recommended!

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