Cherry: Restoring our economy is important in helping to fulfill King's dream

Barack Obama's election as President signals that America has come a long way from the deep racial tensions that plagued our past. Still, in order to continue moving toward racial equality, we must ensure that our economy is restored.

I had the privilege of interviewing Lt. Gov. John Cherry by phone this morning, who conveyed that message and others from DC, where he will be attending tomorrow's inauguration. Cherry, who arrived there Saturday, says there is a growing sense of excitement and anticipation in the nation's capital.

The incoming President has announced a major stimulus package that focuses on job creation through infrastructure improvements. Being from the Great Lakes Region, Obama is also aware that the Great Lakes are an important economic as well as environmental asset. He has pledged to invest $300 million in protection and restoration of the Lakes.

Cherry says he would like our new President to make it clear in his inaugural address that we as a nation are united and that we are closer than ever to living up to our ideals of freedom and democracy. Cherry also emphasized that we must understand that solving our challenges will require commitment from alll of us.

Special thanks to Lieutenant Governor Cherry for offering his time and for Graham for helping set up the interview.

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