Bits of Tid: June 19, 2008

  • Someone made an error in judgment and refused to allow two Muslim women on the stage during Obama's rally in Joe Louis Arena the other night. Obama himself called the women and apologized.

    This is part of what I like about Obama. He's not claiming to run the perfect campaign and trying desperately to cover this up and denied this ever happened. Instead, like a good leader, he is confronting it, accepting responsibility, and taking the initiative to apologize. Why won't more people in politics do that?
  • Obama is hitting the airwaves in Michigan and 17 other states this weekend. He's off to an excellent start:

  • Congrats to two Michigan bloggers on winning scholarships to Netroots Nation in Austin! I hope to attend a Netroots Nation event in the near future, although this year I won't be able to.
  • As you may know, I am the Wednesday night editor of Daily Kos's Overnight News Digest. My most recent edition leads off with three stories of diplomacy.
  • What's your ecological footprint?
  • We are now fewer than 200,000 minutes away from 7AM on November 4, when polls will be open on Election Day in Michigan.
  • As it turns out, my cousin was named valedictorian at her high school!

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