Bits of Tid: June 3, 2008

"The End" Edition

  • :-D
  • I kinda figured we might have a presumptive Democratic nominee before we knew who would win the Stanley Cup. Oh well, the Wings will clinch it tomorrow. I hope.
  • I found out that my precinct lost a Precinct Delegate seat. I am one of three candidates for two spots instead of three. So I'm in the unusual position of planning a re-election campaign for Precinct Delegate!
  • I'm also planning a few other things with regard to this election... so stay tuned!
  • If you would keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers, we would appreciate it. She will likely have to undergo a procedure or two on her knee, which has been bothering her for some time. More on that as it develops.
  • Remember on New Year's I mentioned that a lot of big events this year would be occurring on a Tuesday? Well, we now have:
    • 9 weeks until Primary Election Day;
    • 20 weeks until my birthday;
    • 22 weeks until General Election Day; and
    • 33 weeks until Obama's inauguration.
  • From last week's National Spelling Bee:

    That kid ended up winning it all, while a 7th-grader from Bloomfield Hills was runner-up.
  • As I alluded to recently, my cousin will graduate from high school this weekend!

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