Racism at Texas Republican Convention

Seen at last weekend's Texas Republican Convention:
Disgusting, obviously. However, I am not surprised.

You see, they want power. With their party in serious danger of losing the White House, the GOP is desperate to hold on to the office and the power that comes with it.

The problem for them is, they feel they can't attack the content of Obama's character, so they attack him for the color of his skin. They feel that they cannot attack him on policy issues such as the economy and Iraq, so they go after him for not looking like him, for not having an 'American' name.

They can't play to the issues, because they know they would lose. So they play to people's fears and prejudices. What does it tell you that they feel this will actually help them win.

Which is not to say the entire Texas Republican Party or the McCain campaign is officially behind it. These kinds of buttons are sold by private groups, vendors, etc., all the time at Republican and Democratic conventions, meetings, and the like. For instance, I have a button from the Isabella County Dems that says 'pollution is a moral issue.'

Even so, I hope the DNC and Obama campaign call on McCain and other Republicans to denounce this. For them not to do so would signal complicity.

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