Bits of Tid: June 6, 2008

  • In case you haven't heard, the DNC will join the Obama campaign in not allowing lobbyist or PAC money.
  • Powerful:

  • My computer desktop:

    Get yours here.
  • My aunt was laid off yesterday. In Colorado. And she's not alone. Some 'single-state recession' we're having in Michigan, huh?
  • Operation Overlord - also known as the Invasion of Normandy - took place 64 years ago today.
  • There will be two people on the ballot for New York's 13th District seat in Congress named Francis Powers. The Republican nominee's son is going to run as a Libertarian.
  • How is this for a banished phrase?
    Now the Real Work Begins - As if all the work done up until this point wasn't real.
  • President Bush is so dumb, he thinks the Stanley Cup is something Chris Osgood puts in his pants to protect himself.

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