Bits of Tid: July 10, 2009

  • GM is out of bankruptcy - leaner, meaner, and greener.
  • According to a report I saw on CNN, there has been a "slide" in confidence in Obama. In February, 75% of Americans had confidence in him. Now, it has fallen to...

    wait for it...

    wait for it...


    Three points in five months - talk about a freefall!
  • Meanwhile on CNBC, I flipped through and noticed a story on "Moguls on Obama." See, we as a society have given way too much attention to the concerns of poor and middle-class people. It's about damn time people would listen to the downtrodden billionaires of the world!
  • People who stare at other people's behinds.
  • Speaking of The Onion, here's a headline: "Baseball Fans Delighted By New Between-Innings F***-Cams."
  • And speaking of baseball, the Tigers' magic number has dwindled down to 74.
  • Don't forget United We Serve!

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