MDP Announces Five Potential Ballot Proposals for 2010

What goes on with the races for Governor, Secretary of State, AG, Congress, Education Boards, Legislature, the judiciary, and local races will be important in 2010. Just as important, however, are what ballot proposals will appear. They often affect voter turnout and can even determine the outcome of other elections.

Well, at least one proposal will appear on the ballot in 2010: Voters will be asked (as they are at least every 16 years) if we should have a Constitutional Convention. But the the Michigan Democratic Party is considering putting one of five other proposals on the ballot.

And the nominees are:

  • Mandating all employers to provide affordable health care for their employees and dependents or pay a penalty.
  • Raising the minimum wage from $7.40/hour to $10/hour and covering all workers with no exceptions.
  • Increasing unemployment benefits by $100/week, making all workers eligible and adding six months to the time one can receive benefits.
  • Cutting utility rates by 20%.
  • Imposing a one-year moratorium on home foreclosures.

Sounds good, right? Well, unfortunately, they probably won't be able to put them all on the ballot. They only have so much in terms of resources, and it takes hundreds of thousands of petition signatures to get it on the ballot.

At any rate, Brewer opted not to mince words:

“While the greedy corporate CEO’s of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Detroit Regional Chamber, and Detroit Renaissance are worried only about their selfish interests, the Michigan Democratic Party is focused on helping all the people of Michigan get through these tough economic times.”

“The corporate special interests are using these tough times to advance the same tired old agenda – cut jobs, wages, and benefits; reduce services; and shift taxes onto the middle class and the poor,” observed Brewer. “These proposals put people first and will help millions of Michigan citizens.”

Hot damn! Here's a guy who knows how to stand up for what it means to be a Democrat! I wish he had more company among the Blue Dogs in Congress!

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SCOTT URBANOWSHI! You'll never believe how I found you! I was checking search engines today to see how much information is on line about me and up popped your 5/4/08 blog about how I had inspired you. I couldn't believe it! It has MADE my day...my week...my month! Thank you for putting your thoughts into such beautiful words. I have thought of you so often and wondered where you are, what you are doing and what you are aspiring to be. I am thrilled at your progressive bent, as I, too, am a progressive Democrat. (The Bush years were the longest years of my life, I think.) Why don't you write me at nreahm@att.net and bring me up to date.