Bits of Tid: July 21, 2009

  • First of all, a special "thank you" to everyone who offered me support after Swifty's passing. It's been lonely around here, even for her sister, Lucy. But while I don't think anyone can completely get over the death of a companion (human or pet), I am coming to terms with her absence.
  • The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which is in charge of electing Democrats to the US House, raised twice as much money as its Republican counterpart. Good news, to be sure, especially since Republicans used to outraise Democrats by wide margins. Still, let's not let our guard down.
  • Obama's in trouble, right? Wrong. He's actually doing as well as, if not a bit better than, Reagan at this point in 1981.
  • Speaking of which, for all the talk of healthcare reform being on the ropes, Nate Silver tells us it's not.
  • Here's an edited version of Sarah Palin's resignation speech.
  • That's okay, I still support her:

  • And finally, wind turbines on a Meijer store in Grand Haven:

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