Anuzis Wins!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce that...


But state GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis tried to dampen the competition between the candidates' supporters after he was re-elected to a second two-year term.(emphasis added)

Anuzis was endorsed by Michigan Liberal in a landslide.

Saul got a lot done in his first term:

- Unable to defeat a single Democratic incumbent in a state or federal election in 2006.

- Worst performance by a Republican candidate for Governor in 20 years, despite unlimited resources.

- Lost 6 seats in the Michigan House of Representatives to the Democrats, despite a Republican gerrymandered map.

- Lost 1 seat in the Michigan Senate to the Democrats despite a Republican gerrymandered map.

- Fewest Republicans and most Democrats in the Michigan Senate in 15 years.

- Lost control of Michigan House of Representatives to the Democrats, producing a Democratic Speaker for the first time in 12 years.

- Mailings to voters in Kent County helped Michigan Democrats send a second state representative to Lansing from Grand Rapids. Apparently Saul is even more effective at turning around Grand Rapids than Dick DeVos!

- Total Democratic sweep of all elected educational board seats for the first time in 20 years.

- Lost control of numerous county boards to Democrats.

- Endorsed Republican incumbent in 7th Congressional District defeated in primary.

- Urged the Republican National Committee to spend $1 million late on failed Senate campaign of Mike Bouchard rather than devote precious resources to defending Republican incumbents in Montana and Virgina, who in turn lost close races and swung control of the United States Senate to the Democrats!

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