From the Governors Office: State Board and Commission Vacancies

I got this in an email from the Kent County Democratic Party. Perhaps you may be interested.

The Governor's office is looking for general public members to fill spots on thefollowing boards.

If you would like to play a role in the Governor’s administration, please submit your name to Joan Bowman at bowmanj@michigan.gov or call 517-881-2170.

In general public spots, the applicants should not have any professional affiliation with the industry they would be regulating as a member of the board.

  • Elevator Safety – usually general public spot is held by a person who uses a wheelchair or other individual with a disability(note the use of “person first” language)
  • Landscape Architects – 3 positions
  • Barber Examiners – 3 positions
  • State Carnival Amusement Safety Board – 1 position
  • Board of Cosmetology – 2 positions
  • Board of Plumbing – 1 position
  • Interviews are being held this week for the new Athletic Trainer Board
Meanwhile, I'm still waiting to hear whom the Governor plans to appoint to the CMU Board of Trustees.

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