Bits of Tid: February 18, 2007

I have an exam, a presentation, and a big paper due all this coming Wednesday. And I'm helping out with Ash Wednesday services at church. Wish me luck. In the meantime:

  • Eye on Ehlers is even more prominent now: It is now mentioned on the Stakeholder, the official blog of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
  • Something to look forward to: Sometime next week I'll post a couple items about a couple lesser-known reasons why the Democrats' victories last November are beneficial to us come 2008.
  • Now look who supports government waste.
  • And look who opposes war profiteering.
  • So much for the GOP supporting the troops.
  • Nirmal at Capital Viewpoint found an interesting piece about web tools for college students. I currently use Wikipedia and Google Docs, and will probably look into some others.
  • Got myself a Polaroid a500 digital camera. Maybe I'll post some pictures soon.
  • 6 days until the MDP Spring Convention
  • 11 days from Spring Break
  • 49 days from Easter (BTW: Lent is actually 46 days, not 40. The 40 days comes from teh fact that the Catholic Church doesn't count the six Sundays as part of Lent, even though it is during the Lenten season.)
  • 245 ays until I turn 20
  • 625 days until Election 2008
  • 702 days until the world is liberated from the Bush Administration.

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