Bits of Tid: February 23, 2007

Third day of Lent. Hope to see some of you at the convention tomorrow.

  • Trailing three other Democrats in his home state, and lacking sufficient funds to continue his campaign, Tom Vilsack is out of the running. The first candidate to drop out of the 2004 Democratic competition, Bob Graham, didn't do so until that fall.
  • State Senate Democratic Leader Mark Schauer is wondering whiat I've been wondering: Where's the GOP plan for fixing the state's budget situation?
  • Dick Cheney says Nancy Pelosi wants to "validate" Al-Qaida's strategy. If you think Bush is bad, he's a saint compared to the man who's just one heartbeat away from the presidency (no pun intended). Oh well, only 697 days until Bush and Cheney are gone.
  • Again, so much for the GOP supporting our troops, past and present. Things are also bad at Walter Reed; more on that in a few days.
  • Former state Sen. Gary Peters (D) - who briefly ran for governor in 2001-02 before dropping out of that race to instead run for Attorney General (a race he lost to Mike Cox by oh, so few votes) - may run for Congress against Joe Knollenberg in Michigan's 9th District.
  • Not really a single-state recession, huh MIGOP?
  • Former US Reps. Arlen Erdahl (R-MN, 1979-83) and Michael Forbes (D-NY, 1995-2001) are coming to CMU on Monday.
  • CMU's student paper has the latest on a couple of recent fires in Wheeler Hall, the most populous residence hall on campus. I lived on the eighth floor of Wheeler last year.

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