Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day returns (albeit in New York)

Last fall the U-M College Republicans were chided for their "Fun with Guns" (where people can shoot cardboard cutouts of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and the like) and "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" (where players try to find people throughout campus who are labeled 'illegal immigrants'). Well now it has arrived on the campus of New York University.

"They're making a mockery out of immigrants and immigration issues, when you've had thousands of people die at our borders," said protestor Chester Asher of Transform America. “To make a game out of that is sheer mockery.”

The Republican Club says they just want to spark debate amongst students about illegal immigration.

“Sometimes it feels that the only way you can get people out is to ruffle some feathers and give people something to shake their fists at,” said Laska. “Now this is not a politically correct event, but it is not racist. It is not that offensive.”
But what does Republican New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg think about it?

“I think we spend too much time worrying what college kids do, but this is distasteful and downright stupid. That's the nice way to put it,” said Bloomberg.

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