Bits of Tid: February 10, 2007

633 days from the 2008 election! (BTW: I haven't received a reply to any of my posts in several weeks!! I feel lonely when no one replies!)

  • I went to the Kent County Spring Democratic Convention today. Kinda light turnout; only 60- or so people, compared to the 200 or so people at the one in August (granted, that was just before the last election). The high point was getting a warm reception after discussing Eye On Ehlers. I posted a blurb about that on Daily Kos.

  • The 2006 State of the State was Tuesday. As usual, another great speech by our Governor, as she did her best to outline the crisis Michigan faces, and how we can get out of it. I'm especially glad she discussed the importance of taxes, and how cutting them doesn't help the economy as much as some would have you think. If you didn't get a chance to see the address, read the transcript or watch the video.

  • The Guv has proposed a 2% tax on services (excluding healthcare and education-related services). Look for my thoughts on that later.

  • Barack Obama has officially joined the race. I like him. More thoughts on that later. Also, Mitt Romney came to town for the state GOP Convention. More on Mitt's flip-flops later.

  • Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) - known for his strong opposition to the Iraq War - wants the Guantanamo prison closed.

  • The head of the Michigan Young Republicans has been charged with rape. I donb't care who you are or which party you support... rape is absolutely inexcusable. Then again, he is innocent until proven guilty.

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