Bits of Tid: February 2, 2007

Happy February!

  • The US Senate has passed a minimum wage increase!
  • The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has launched an online series on Black History Month. Maya Angelou is the first to be profiled.
  • Senator Carl Levin is featured on the website of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.
  • The DSCC's House counterpart, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, will likely invest money toward beating Reps. Tim Walberg of southern Michigan and Joe Knollenberg of Oakland County.
  • Al Gore, Nobel Laureate? He's been nominated. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised to see Bill Clinton get it (possibly jointly with George H.W. Bush), but if that ever happens, it likely won't be until Hillary's career is over.
  • Al Franken is running for US Senate in 2008.
  • The watchdog blog Eye on Ehlers - which I founded just before the New Year - has earned a mention in a page dedicated to Congressman Ehlers in the newly expanded GOP Watch section of the Michigan Democratic Party's website. I feel special.

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