ELECTION NOTICE: February 27 local elections

Some communities and school districts in Michigan will be holding elections next Tuesday, February 27. Click here to find out if you are in one of them. (For those of you in Kent County, this only applies to you if you live in the Wyoming School District.)

If you need an absentee ballot, be sure to apply for one ASAP!

You must have been registered to vote at your current address by January 29. If you are reading this, you probably voted in November, but if this is your first time voting, you must do one of the following in person: 1) Register to vote at the clerk's office; 2) Request an absentee ballot in person; or 3) Vote at your voting place on Election Day.

Every election is important. Every vote counts... and it counts even more when fewer people vote. So if you have an election where you live next week, take these next several days to find out what will be on your ballot, inform yourself on the issues, and of course, vote between 7AM and 8PM next Tuesday.

(Incidentally, my first vote was to renew a school district sinking fund, and that took place a year ago.)

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